XBOX One S leaks so far

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We’ve known by now that Microsoft is designing a disc-free, all-digital version of its Xbox One S console, and currently we have some leaked pictures and one or two of specs to pore over as launch day approaches.
The new footage and data, obtained by WinFuture, do not extremely bring with them any surprises. The console appearance specifically however you’d expect: associate Xbox One S while not a slot for discs.
According to WinFuture’s sources, the console is going to come packing a 1TB hard drive, which should give you enough room to do without physical media.
Other things we tend to learn that it supports for 4K video playback and HDR. The price is apparently set at €229.99 – that’s roughly $260 or £199, though Microsoft is unlikely to apply a direct currency conversion.
A starter bundle for the conventional Xbox One S usually retails for €299.99, though you can find discounts if you shop around. In alternative words, we could be looking at a quarter of the price shaved off.
That worth includes one controller and 3 preinstalled games, according to the leak – Minecraft, Sea Of Thieves and Forza Horizon 3.
As for a unharness date, that’s tipped to be April 16 – this coming Tuesday – with the console on sale in Europe from May 7. That all matches up with leaked data antecedently shared by Windows Central, which has also published mock up images similar to the newly leaked ones.
It sounds as though you won’t have long to wait to get your hands on the latest iteration of the Xbox One. As always, as presently as Microsoft makes something official, we’ll bring you the news here.

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