Google automated call -smart enough to answer your call

Google automated call is now a feature. Google IO 2019 starts in precisely a number of days, and we’re seeing additional details trickle out concerning specifically what Google has future at its huge developer event – as well as a brand new feature geared toward individuals with speech impairments.
As 9to5Google notes, the events list for Google IO includes a mention of Project elation, that is outwardly “leveraging Google technologies to present individuals with speech impairments their voice back”.
The google automated call session is being hosted by accessibility advocate Elise Roy and Harvard prof archangel Brenner, UN agency is additionally a member of the Google Accelerated Science team.
Join those numerous dots along and it seems like Project elation may well be the most recent accessibility feature to hit golem, maybe with the golem Q roll out: and it’s probably reaching to get your smartphone to speak for you.
Wait and see
We’ve seen Google demonstrate voice synthesizer technologies before – eventually year’s Google IO event as an example, once it showed off however it had been adding new voices to the Google Assistant platform.
Project elation is listed below an occasion known as planning for Accessibility, therefore it isn’t sure that this can be a feature that is able to go nonetheless – it would be one thing that is launched any down the road.
It might even be a standalone device instead of Associate in Nursing app or a feature engineered into golem, however we’re card-playing that some reasonably machine learning is concerned somewhere.
We should hear additional concerning this and many of alternative technologies and package that Google is functioning on once IO gets afoot on could seven. As usual, we’ll be transferring you all the news from the event.

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