Microsoft Surface Pro 6 review

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 review

Microsoft’s updated Surface pro 6 does not have great deal of modification concerning the Surface Pro style plan with simply the one exception, that being all new matte black choice. A black laptop computer is concerned as basic as you’ll get, it is a nice modification from the generalized ones.

That’s primarily a testament to however Microsoft’s style team primarily got it right with the primary Surface style. It has tweaked it slightly over the years in terms of the precise measurements, the way that the hinge kickstand operates and of course the internals, but you could put a Pt Surface Pro 6 next to its predecessors and while not change it on, still confuse folks about which generation it is.

Good style is unaltered , in other words, but it’s a design decision that also impacts what Microsoft’s done in terms of ports and features. There’s a micro SD card slot at the rear under the kickstand, a feature I adore for the ease with which you can bump up the Surface Pro 6’s storage quickly.
You’re still restricted to only one USB port and it is a USB-A port at that. Quite why Microsoft did not select USB-C (and ideally multiple USB-C) remains a mystery, and not a satisfying one.
Odds square measure with simply the one port that you are going to finish up throwing a USB hub onto the Surface professional vi anyway, but using USB-C would also have made it easier to plug peripherals additionally as gap up the likelihood of charging via different chargers than the equipped Surface instrumentality one, as you can on the Microsoft Surface Go. It feels downright odd that the a lot of premium (and pricey) Surface professional is a smaller amount advanced than the cheap Surface go into this respect.

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