Fortnite Ice King

Fortnite Ice storm event
Fortnite has arranged various events to preview their map change, however its latest can be the foremost discernible thus far. The Ice Legion is the army of frost riddled monsters that The Ice King has spawned on the island. You will find crystals all over the map where these NPCs will spawn. You will need to destroy them and damage them in a variety of ways to complete the challenges. These are very similar to the ones that were spawned during Fortnitemares, but seem to be a bit weaker and potentially spawning on their own a bit less.To locate a crystal spawn, keep an eye out for what appears to be lightning shooting down from the sky at a specific location. Once you go here you’ll find the crystal. You can start destroying the spawns, and then hitting the crystal to create even more spawns. When you eliminate the monsters they will sometimes drop ammo, weapons, and even shields. These can be good to kill if you are looking for shields.

Ice Storm seems to own introduced even additional secrets within the method. There square measure multiple eggs within Polar Peak’s dungeon, and there is a bunker beneath the previous Happy Hamlet iceberg. You have new themed challenges to require on yet, like wasting Ice Fiends. Epic clearly needs you to stay returning to Fortnite, even though you incomprehensible  the initial drama.

Fortnite Ice storm live event footage by AciDic BliTzz

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